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Cornwall 1019
Cornwall 1019-cornwall 1019; cornwall film locationsp st ives; artist studios; fishermen; painting studios; studio; studio in cornwall; cellars; fishing; 18th centruy; 1800's; 1800; masts; cornish; artists studios; ben nicholson; patrick heron; francis bacon; cornish a
Cornwall 1019

Cornwall, St. Ives.   Victorian pilchard cellars and art studios.  The building is on a popular beach. 

There are 18th century pilchard cellars constructed in stages between 1810 and 1880. The 4 cellars measure 1 x 60sq m, 2 x 85 sq m, 1 x 380 sq m. They have stone walls, timber ceilings and a sand floor. They also host an interesting range of fishing gear, and ceiling timbers supported by old masts, tree trunks and cast iron popes from the mines - it is poorly lit.  

The artists studios:  19th century artists studios, most probably dating from the 1880s, although there is one from the early 1800s.  They are possibly the oldest artists' studios in the UK, and previous tenants have included Ben Nicholson, Patrick Heron, Francis Bacon, and Wilhemina Barns-Graham.  There are 12 studios, 40-90 sq m, mostly timber construction and north facing onto the beach.  They have panelled walls and are very well lit.















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