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What does a film location company actually do? 
Very simply, we help film-makers, TV production companies and photographers find just the right location they’re looking for – from homes and gardens of all styles, to individual property features like unusual kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces and staircases. 

Property owners register to be on our database and every day, we match those properties and features to specific location briefs we receive.  If TV or film companies are interested in a property, we liaise with the owners to organise site visits, contracts, insurance and the right facility fee for using their property.

As a film location agency, we earn our money by charging either 15% or 20% of the total agreed facility fee.


What kind of properties do you represent?

We have a vast range of properties and locations on our books, from deluxe apartments, contemporary homes and historic mansion houses through to housing estates, run down flats and even derelict homes. 

As well as private properties, we are also exclusive location agents for some of Britain’s most admired property groups, including English Heritage, the Landmark Trust and Living Architecture.


Does it make a difference where my property is based?

Yes it does to an extent.  Most production companies (film, TV or stills) are based within the M25, so demand for properties here and in London is always stronger, and we can be more flexible about the types of properties we take on here.  Elsewhere in the UK, other media hot spots include places like Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds and the West Midlands. 

Outside of these areas, properties will need to be particularly noteworthy to have a chance of success.  But as a national location agency, we’re always representing properties right across the UK, and wherever it’s based, if a location has something really distinctive about it, then it’s well worth getting in touch.


How do I know if my property might be suitable?

Generally, we look for something with a ‘wow’ factor – whether that’s period properties with original features, contemporary homes with light, open spaces, or something with distinctive styling or eclectic furnishings. 

As a rule of thumb, if your friends, family or neighbours show signs of property envy, for whatever reason, it may be worth seeing if your home has potential as a film location.


What sort of things could my house be used for?

It could be any type of commercial shoot involving a camera – feature films, TV dramas, short films, TV shows, photoshoots, music videos or adverts.   We also get enquiries to use our locations for press events, product launches and other corporate events.


How much can a property earn?

Obviously, fees vary enormously, depending on the size of the production, the type of property, the areas used, the time involved and so on.  This is where the professional experience of a location agent becomes invaluable.  We are able to advise on suitable fees for all scenarios, helping you maximise the earnings on your property rental.

However, here is a very rough guideline to the different kinds of fees you might expect to earn from the production companies we deal with:

  • Feature Film Productions from £750 - £5,000+ per 12 hour day
  • Television Dramas from £500 - £3,000+ per 12 hour day
  • Documentary filming from £400 - £1000+ per 12 hour day
  • Photoshoots from £500 - £1500+ per 10 hour day
  • Television Commercials from £1000 - £3000+ per 12 hour day
  • Music Videos from £500 - £3000+ per 12 hour day

Not all enquiries book for a whole day – shorter shoots may require just half a day or even just 2-3 hours on site.  An hourly rate would generally range from £75.00 - £200.00 per hour for these smaller shoots.

Preparation and re-instatement days are generally charged at between a third and a half of the daily filming rate.  Overtime rates are also charged should the production company overrun and this is set at a pre-agreed hourly rate.


How do I register my property with Sarah Eastel Locations?

First we need to assess whether your property has the potential to be a good film location.  Click on Register a Location and complete the online form.  We’ll then send you further instructions and ask you to send us a CD of photos of your property.  Please do not email photos unless we invite you to do so.


What kind of photos do you need and how many?

Good quality interior and exterior shots, including any unusual or unique features (eg fireplaces, interesting architecture, water features).  The photos don’t need to be professionally taken, but try to pick a bright day to make shots come out that much better.  As a guide, somewhere up to 50 shots for a typical property is ideal.


Can someone from Sarah Eastel Locations come and visit my property to see what it has to offer?

Unfortunately not, as much as we’d like to spend our days visiting the wide variety of interesting properties that we deal with, we get so many new properties introduced to us every day that it would be a huge task for us to visit each property individually.


Does it cost anything to register with Sarah Eastel Locations?

It costs nothing to apply for your property to be registered on our location database.  If your application is successful, we will add you to our internal database, and post the best properties on our website free of charge within 30 days.  If you require a fast-track registration option, we offer this at a cost of £100 + VAT, ensuring your location appears on our website within 5 working days.  We will send you details when you apply to register your property.


What happens after I’ve registered?

Once registered, we will actively market your property via our daily contact with the film & photographic industry, as well as our website, direct mail, newsletters and PR.  If film companies or photographers are interested are interested in your property, we will contact you to organise a recce for them at a mutually convenient time.  Recces can only be organised through Sarah Eastel Locations.

You will not pay anything to us unless your property is chosen for filming, in which case we charge a commission of 15% or 20% of the facility fee we negotiate for you with the film company.  A copy of our Terms and Conditions can be viewed on our website.


Are all registered properties automatically featured on your website?

If you apply to be on our location database we will automatically consider featuring your property on our website too.  Do please bear in mind that although you will be registered relatively quickly on our location database it can take an average of 3-6 weeks to for your property to be published on our website (we have dozens of property owners contacting us each day in addition to our role arranging filming with our existing locations).

We have though introduced a fast-track service (the property can be on our site within 5 working days) should you require. Details will be sent to you when we forward the Location Questionnaire and our Terms & Conditions.


What details will people be able to see?

Only Sarah Eastel Locations staff have full access to the database. We create an entry on our computer database and retain your photos and information on file. If your property is submitted onto our website, for security reasons it will be only ever be named by a code reference and county. If, at any time, you wish to be removed from our database and website, simply contact us and we will remove your details from our files and/or the site. 

What happens when a company wants to use my house after a recce?

If the company wants to go ahead and use your property (and you are happy to proceed), we would then negotiate a suitable facility fee to be paid to you, put a contract in place on your behalf, acquire relevant insurances from the company and provide you with all the detail about the shoot.  


Why should I register with you rather than other film location agencies?

There’s nothing to stop you registering your property with several location agencies if you want to.  But experience counts for a lot in this game.  Here at Sarah Eastel Locations, we’ve been matching properties to location briefs for almost 20 years, and have a great reputation in the industry.  You’ll find we’re a small, friendly team, which places strong emphasis on really caring for the properties and owners we represent.  We’re passionate about our work, and you can be sure we’ll look after you every step of the way.


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