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There’s no limit to the properties we list on Film Locations. With over 30 years industry experience, we know there is a demand for nearly everything whether that be a film location that is big or small, everyday or unusual. Using our platform you can directly contact and negotiate with property owners to agree on dates and rates for your shoot. If you run into any issues our team are always on standby to help you from the very first point of contact right through to the end of your project.

“We’re disrupting the industry by providing a transparent platform that makes booking a shoot location easier than ever, where both property owners and shoot producers call the shots – no middle men or women.”

Frequently asked questions

Film Locations is a location finding and booking platform. It also offers property owners the opportunity to register their location to hire out for shoots to our vast network of trusted industry professionals.

Once the owner has agreed to the fee and details of the shoot, you’ll receive a confirmation via email.

You will then need to login to your dashboard and navigate to the booking in order to check that all details are correct. If you notice anything that needs to be amended, you will have to contact the owner.

If everything looks okay, tick the ‘agree’ button. This will take you to a new screen where you can upload your PLI. Once completed, you’ll be able to pay for the booking with a credit card. Hey presto!

If you need to access our terms and conditions you can so here.

If you are having trouble login into your account you can reset it from the login page.

Rather than rely on an agent, producers, location managers/agents, brand managers and photographers can search on Film Locations to find exactly what they’re looking for. Interested clients contact and negotiate with the location owner directly (no agent) – agreeing the dates and rates for the shoot.