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In addition to an agreed facility fee payable to the property, production companies booking a location through Sarah Eastel Locations are charged a library fee:

Based on the confirmed location facility fee of: Our Library fee charge will be:
£150 - £300 £50.00+Vat
£301-£500 £75.00+Vat
£501-£1000 £100.00+Vat
£1001-£1499 £150.00+Vat
£1500+ £250.00+Vat


Location Fees payable to the Location owner

Below is a fee guideline showing what your property might earn should it be selected to work on a film, tv or photoshoot production:

Feature Film Productions From £750 - £5,000+ per 12 hour day
Television Dramas From £500 - £3,000+ per 12 hour day
Documentary filming From £400 - £1000+ per 12 hour day
Photoshoots From £500 - £1500+ per 10 hour day
Television Commercials From £1000 - £3000+ per 12 hour day
Music Videos From £500 - £3000+ per 12 hour day

The above are rough figures and it's very much down to the detail of the enquiry (how much disruption, length of time on-site, and the overall budget of the production too). Not all enquiries book for a whole day - many just request a few hours on site (perhaps they're interviewing a contributor for a documentary programme or just have a small time-frame to achieve a photograph).

For shorter shoots it's possible to charge a half day rate or indeed an hourly rate for just 2-3 hours access on site. An hourly rate would generally range from £75.00 - £200.00 per hour for these smaller shoots. Preparation and re-instatement days are generally charged at between a third and a half of the daily filming rate. Overtime rates are also charged should the production company overrun and this is set at a pre-agreed hourly rate.

If you represent a potential film location for this site:

Option 1
You can register with us and be featured on our website. There is no charge for this service. Your property will be allocated a reference number and viewers of the site will only be advised the county location of the property. We will advise of all production companies expressing interest and assist you to the completion of the project.

Option 2
If your property is well known and already enjoys a regular relationship within the film location industry you may be keen for more attention but want your contact details listed on the site to enable production companies to deal with you directly. The minimum fee for this service is £250 + VAT for an annual listing.

Option 3
Perhaps you represent a group of properties or a popular individual site but find dealing with the filming enquiries is too time consuming. Do contact us to discuss our terms for promoting and handling a 'film office' for you.

Additional Services

For those property owners who have been approached directly by a production company we are happy to provide agreement and negotiation advice

For productions paying a fee £799 we would charge £100+VAT

For productions £800+ we would charge 15% of the overall facility fee

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