Cinema’s Best Dads

This fathers day we are celebrating some of the very best dads to ever grace our screens. What are our criteria for great dads? Be there for your kids through thick and thin. And be played by Will Smith apparently.

Finding Nemo


Let’s face it, this is probably cinema’s most perfect Dad. After a devastating opening, Marlin is left as a single father to raise Nemo, and when Nemo goes missing, he crosses the entire ocean, facing his worst fears and his risking life to get his son back. Okay, whilst this might not be the most relatable story to everyday folk, but we can all appreciate the bond between Marlin and Nemo being so genuine and loving that it makes you tear up every time you watch.

Mrs Doubtfire

Daniel Hillard / Euphegenia Doubtfire

So most dads would do a lot to spend time with their children, but not many would undergo full daily prosthesis to pose as their child’s upper class British nanny. Whilst obviously a ridiculous premise for a film that leads to hilarious consequences, at the heart of the movie is still a story about a dad that just loves his kids and would do anything to remain a part of their lives, and who can’t relate to that.


Bryan Mills

Okay, so maybe a left-field choice, but bear with me. Sure it would have been nice if Liam Neeson’s “very particular set of skills” involved quality parenting, and you shouldn’t necessarily have to have your child kidnapped and sold into slavery to finally step up and be a good dad, but as this film proves, it sure helps. A story of the lengths that one man will go to to ensure the safety of his child, including killing lots of people… but restoring his loving relationship with his daughter. Happy fathers day?

The Pursuit of Happyness

Chris Gardner

A true story of overcoming immense challenges and adversity in life while also being the best dad you can in the circumstance. An emotional tear jerker and powerhouse performance will really give you the feels, but the relationship between Chris and his son which is the real heart and soul of this story. This is one for any dad who has ever gone through any terrible experience but has done everything within your power to protect your child and give them a happy life. Pass the tissues.

King Richard

Richard Williams

If you saw talent in your children, how much would you do to make them a star? Sometimes a controversial father, there is no denying the hand that he had in raising the two greatest female tennis players to date. This film also explores the loving relationship between Richard and all his daughters, his struggles and sacrifices in the face of adversity, and how to not let anything from money to race stand in the way of giving your children everything they need.

Three Men and a Baby

Peter Mitchell, Michael Kellam & Jack Holden

Why celebrate one great dad, when you can celebrate three. Whilst a very funny film about a group of actors who accidentally end up with their friend’s child, while also getting into a drugs caper, this film is also a heartfelt tribute to every dad that has learned to love their child even if they aren’t their own biological child. An early entry into the idea of blended families, co parenting and non-traditional families.


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Gareth Bevan

Customer Success Coordinator | Film Locations