Jeff Goldblum. The Actor. The Icon. The Legend.

Jeff Goldblum. The Actor. The Icon. The Legend.

Jurassic World Dominion is about to hit the big screen, and this sees the very welcome return of the original cast, Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and of course Dr Ian Malcolm himself, Jeff Goldblum. 

Here at Film Locations, we will take the opportunity to celebrate anything Jeff, so here are some of our favourite Goldblum moments from across his career.

Jurassic Park

Let’s face it, you think of Jeff Goldblum, you think of Jurassic Park. No one should ever look so cool and collected while people around you get devoured by out of control dinosaurs, but somehow he makes it feel right. Plus his delivery of the line “life… finds a way” is not only iconic, but also peak Goldblum.

The Fly

The beginning of the legend, the film that put him on the map. This is a true thriller/horror classic you should absolutely watch regardless of the starring role. Grotesque and gruesome as a grisled venom spewing fly monster, but still managing to be absolutely cool and charming throughout.


When Joey gets the opportunity to audition for the great Leonard Hayes (Jeff Goldbulm), he is living out most of our fantasies. In an incredibly meta performance where Jeff gets to play a (not overly) exaggerated version of himself. He exudes all the dignity, class and sex appeal you’d expect in a Goldblum performance, even while Joey pees down his leg.


The most Jeff Goldblum of all. There is no disguising the fact that the only director’s note for this movie was ‘be more Jeff Goldblum’. It is dumb, it is ridiculous, it is hamming it up and overacting to it absolute best, its maybe the best Marvel movie.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Although he is criminally underused in this movie, he totally steals the show. How the weird worlds of Wes Anderson haven’t met Jeff Goldblum’s acting style before this will always be a huge loss to the art of cinema, but at least we now have Jeff with his dead cat in a suitcase.


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Gareth Bevan

Customer Success Coordinator | Film Locations