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Frequently asked questions

Of course! Most of the properties on Film Locations are residential homes.

This is the most commonly asked question. The simple answer is ‘yes!’. You only need to turn on the TV or flick through a magazine to see the vast array of properties being used as shoot locations. Location scouts are always after fresh new places for filming – from empty warehouses to country mansions to council flats…you never know, your property could be exactly what they are looking for next.

There are no rules about how much or how little you can advertise on Film Locations. You can your entire property page or a single room, just remember to specify in your listing how much of your property available.

The reason we ask you to enter your card details is so that we can create your subscription without this it cannot be generated by our payment service provider Stripe. This also means you can change your subscription plan to a paid model if you so wished. No money will taken from your card.

It depends on your financial circumstances, your local tax office or accountant can advise you on this.

You choose which shoots you accept. You are free to edit your listing, or account at any time. We ask that you keep your listing and images up to date as clients will expect the listing to clearly represent the current state of the property or vehicle. For example, has that blue sofa been changed to red?