Top 5 Film Locations for Summer Shoots

The UK is in the full swing of Spring, with a few days starting to remind us that Summer is very much on its way. Whilst it’s a great opportunity to get outside and get that all-important vitamin D, it also provides an excellent opportunity for the film industry.

Have you ever wondered how some films or television series that were shot in winter but set in summertime look so bright and colourful? More often than not, post-production crews may have to work a little magic in the edit and make it look brighter than it actually is. 

However, these golden weeks in early spring are the perfect opportunity for a production looking to shoot Summer content. 

We decided to embrace the weather change and share our locations that are great all year round but are especially perfect for that sweet, summer content. 

Here is our hand-selected list of summer locations…

The Boathouse

This unique location boasts 100 acres of prime Cotswolds countryside and even has its own private lake. 

With contemporary finishes but a traditional, comfortable feel, this location blends into its surroundings effortlessly. The floor to ceiling doors looking out to the lake result in beautiful natural light throughout the property, making it the perfect film and photography location for a summer shoot. 

What could I shoot here? We hear you ask!

Well, the possibilities are endless. Think 1998 Nancy Meyers’ The Parent Trap, where the main character finds her long lost twin on their summer camp trip. ‘Camp Walden’, aka, Camp Seely of the San Bernardino Mountain in California, is the focused location in arguably the most pivotal moment of the film. That location is infamous, and you can still attend the camp and even have your wedding there. The Boathouse provides the feeling of a Summer camp or Summer adventure found in many blockbuster films. 

From large budget productions like The Parent Trap to smaller-scale commercial shoots, there are plenty of opportunities here. Product shots for a new kitchen range, a swimwear fashion shoot and many more.

Get in touch with the owners today to discuss your next shoot. 


It’s no longer just about locations in London. Devon is often overlooked in pre-production as a top location for shooting. However, for that summer bbq beach vibe, it’s the ideal location.

Woolacombe, overlooking the stunning Devon countryside and Woolacombe beach, is the perfect location for a futuristic, ‘Marvel-esque’ feel. 

The best part about this location is the opportunity to shoot and stay. Whilst you may be a little way out of your usual shoot locations, being able to stay at the property opens up a world of opportunities for a more lengthy production. 

But again, what kind of shoots would work well in a location like Woolacombe?

Well, considering the possibilities for a shoot and stay, a film, be it short or feature-length,  would be the ideal type of production for this location. Across several rooms that each have an individual interior, shots could easily be manipulated to create the illusion of multiple locations in one. Not to mention the dreamy exterior, which creates that futuristic feeling to the property. 

That’s not all though, as the modern and distinct interior would be a very unique backdrop for a fashion shoot. 

Whatever your goals are, contact the owners to discuss the possibilities for your next shoot, here.

Manor View

Next up on the dream summer location list is Manor View, in Edenbridge. It’s not often you find such a stunning location in the UK that has a pool. This Victorian manor house has been meticulously renovated into a modern, family home. The open plan kitchen, dining and sitting room overlooking the swimming pool and gardens, provide the perfect setting for a Summer shoot.

Whether it’s photography or film, there are a lot of possibilities with this location. The distinction between the interior and exterior, once again, provides the opportunity to shoot a range of content in one place, with individual atmospheres across both. 

Having a pool on location can open up a lot of possibilities, especially in terms of photography. It was Maya Almeida that sparked the popularity of underwater photography in her collection, Beneath the Surface. However, it’s not always such technical shoots that can be done poolside. 

Slim Aaron’s famous Poolside Glamour image continues to spark inspiration for photographers to this day. Whilst it may not be replicable, it is indeed a great point of reference for a fashion or lifestyle campaign. 

Reach out to the owners of Manor View today to enquire about your next shoot. 

Wonderland Sussex

Wonderland Sussex is a completely unique location. Seemingly at first a 16th Century listed farmhouse, when you find out more about this location, it truly is a surprise. Not only is there the farmhouse, but there is also a shepherd hut, airstream, dome tent, tiny house, farmhouse and even a “Poonana-style’ nightclub. 

So the question of ‘what can you shoot here?’ doesn’t have one solid answer. There are endless opportunities. One that strikes particularly is a social media influencer campaign. The location is fun, quirky and unique, and would help a content creator stand out in an arguably  saturated market. Whether you’re a brand ambassador for ASOS and want to shoot their next summer collection somewhere that isn’t your home, or you want to stand out to try and acquire more brand deals, investing in your content’s look and style is incredibly important. 

There are so many corners of this location to explore, that it’s important to book a recce in with the owner to see the full potential of the location. 

Reach out to the owners of Wonderland Sussex to discuss a recce. 

Westgate House

One of the most recent additions to the Film Locations library is Westgate House, which can be found in Leeds.

The interior of this home is contemporary, stylish and boasts an open plan layout. Whilst the inside is beautiful and could have potential for a range of shoots, it’s the outside we want to focus on.

The landscaped garden elevates this house to an even more luxurious height. Firstly, the modern conservatory with matching furniture sets would be the ideal area for a Summer product shoot. Walking into the garden opens up this opportunity even further, providing many areas to conduct a shoot in, including but not limited to, the pagoda and garden room. 

Enquire with Westgate House to arrange a recce and see the space for yourself. 


These listings on Film Locations are the tip of the iceberg (or the summer equivalent of that metaphor). If you’re looking for summer shoot locations, enquire with the owners above or continue your search here.


Rosie Budd

Community Marketing Manager