Film Location’s Top 10 Pixar Movies

With the release of Pixar’s latest film, ‘Lightyear’, just around the corner, we are taking a look back at some of the best Pixar Films to date! These are our favourite Pixar films, chosen by the Film Locations staff, our tastes aren’t everyones, so feel free to agree and disagree with our choices, and send us your top picks on our social media!

Lets begin!

10. Up

If you can make it through the first five minutes of this movie without being reduced to a sobbing mess then you are stronger than I am. Despite the melancholy opening, this film has all the joy and wonder you’d expect from an animated movie about a man and a boy travelling in a balloon propelled house.

9. Luca

A relatively under the radar Pixar film that went straight to Disney+, but not one to be overlooked. A really touching story about two young boys growing up and setting out into a brave new world, oh, they also just happen to be fish creatures. Funny, moving, and charming, plus every shot of its fictional Italian town is like a postcard that will leave you booking your next flight to Italy.

8. Inside Out

Pixar sure knows how to pull at the heartstrings and maybe none of their movies do this as well as Inside Out. A story that characterises the emotions in a little girls head with distinct personalities is not the most straightforward premise, this is one of the most emotional and touching stories, that will leave you reaching for the tissues, but don’t pass it up for that reason as it is also one of the most unconventional and creative stories put to screen.

7. Ratatouille

A story about a sewer rat that wants to be a chef is enough to make most peoples stomachs turn, but this story is packed with so much simple charm and joy that you might even change your opinion of your local rodents. This isn’t the most epic emotional journey in the Pixar legacy, but sometimes that’s okay, this is one for a Sunday afternoon where you just want to have fun.

6. Coco

Pixar usually leaves the musicals to Disney, but Coco is so good that the creative teams over at Disney should be taking notes. A story about a young boy in Mexico who gets transported to the world of the dead by a magic guitar sure is original. Packed with amazing songs and characters, and set in a region of the world we don’t often get to experience on screen in mainstream movies, this is another example of Pixar’s unmatched skill at blending whimsical humour and creativity with real world melancholia.


A nearly silent movie about a lonely robot that cleans up trash on what remains of a devastated earth doesn’t sound like the best premise for a family animated movie, but Pixar sure knows how to subvert expectations. This film has everything, it will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will make you go out and buy a lot of WALL-E merchandise.

4. Finding Nemo

Arguably the biggest Pixar cultural phenomenon of all, Finding Nemo was inescapable for the six months following its release, but for good reason, this is probably the most charming of all the Pixar stories, with a whole cast of well rounded and loveable characters that you will remember forever. A tale about a father trying to find his lost son, the story is just epic, spanning an entire world under the ocean, with highs, lows, laughs and of course tears. Not to mention that it is just so quotable! Fish are friends, not food.

3. Toy Story (franchise)

Okay, this is cheating, but we couldn’t separate them, so we are including all the Toy Story films from 1-4. The original Toy Story was so groundbreaking that they gave it its own category at The Oscars. As well as helping to launch the whole CGI animation world into the mainstream. But it isn’t just a technical marvel, it is also storytelling genius. Introducing us to some of the most beloved characters in all cinema in Woody and Buzz, with enough charm and character to make three huge blockbuster sequels and now a major spin-off. It really is to infinity and beyond.

2. Monsters, Inc

What some people might dismiss as a cynical excuse for Disney to sell some plushie toys, Monsters, Inc is actually one of the most charming, creative and emotionally devastating films in Pixar history. Set around the story of two monsters in charge of scaring kids who accidentally befriend a five year old girl, this story is wildly creative and really just has to be experienced to understand.

1. The Incredibles

Pixar’s first super family is our number one Pixar pick. A story about a family of superheroes saving the world has been done before, but never with as much fun as this. With a style that harkens back to 1950s superhero comics this is a breath of fresh air to Pixar’s usual output, but also just feels so Pixar. Every character in the show is so well written and well rounded, that you will fall in love with them, and definitely be wanting to be adopted into the Parr family by the end.


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Gareth Bevan

Customer Success Coordinator | Film Locations